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Billy + Ian's WEdding Bands

  Billy-14k White Gold Melted Texture +&nbsp;Heirloom Diamonds&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Ian-14k White Gold Asscher Cut Diamond + Baguettes

Billy-14k White Gold Melted Texture + Heirloom Diamonds                   Ian-14k White Gold Asscher Cut Diamond + Baguettes


It all started when...

Billy was specifically looking for a local jewelry designer when we were connected by a mutual colleague in the neighborhood.  I met up with Billy and Ian and we went over everything they were thinking in terms of design.  Billy had seen a ring in my collection with a melted texture and wanted something similar, yet he wanted it made with recycled gold and diamonds from his parents wedding rings.  I melted down the family gold and cast it into his newly hand-carved melted band.  We also added 2 heirloom diamonds from his parent's wedding rings into the new band.  For Ian's ring, he had some styles of rings he liked, but wasn't sure exactly what he wanted.  I made some sketches for him and he loved the design, so I moved forward and designed and created his ring in white gold with straight baguettes and a 4 carat Asscher cut diamond.  Definitely a unique pair of rings!


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