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the PEARL PROJECT pendant


About the piece...

The founder of The Pearl Project contacted us to create a pearl pendant to help them raise money in which 100% of the profits would be donated directly to lung cancer focused nonprofits.  About their cause:

The Pearl Project was founded to offer the world a simple way to support the #1 cancer killer in the world – think pearls for lung cancer!  Through education and empowerment, our mission is to banish the negative stigma associated with lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women and men, claiming lives so quickly many cannot walk or run for the cure.

Why the pearl? Lung cancer has a few awareness colors. One is clear because it’s an invisible disease. Some awareness ribbons are white, and others are pearl. Pearls have long represented wisdom, history, and love.   The Pearl Project’s Custom Pearl Jewelry Line  was designed to promote the cause while supporting the Pearl Project’s mission to encourage the world to rethink lung cancer. 100% of net proceeds from jewelry sales are donated directly to lung cancer focused nonprofits.


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